Monday, July 23, 2012

On the Road

We were gone last week doing shows in Lewes, Delaware, and Ocean City, New Jersey. The shows went really well, but once again we were traveling during an extreme heat wave. Somehow we always manage to be gone doing shows on some of the hottest days of the summer. We arrived in Dover, Delaware, on Monday and our car thermometer registered over 100º. I managed to back the car into what was probably the absolutely only semi-shady spot in the entire parking lot—under the overhanging branches of a tree around the side of the hotel by the dumpsters. The rest of the parking lot was just a large flat stretch of empty pavement radiating heat under blazing sunshine. Our second day out, the temperature reached 107º! Despite the heat, we really enjoyed performing because we had fantastic audiences. A good audience really helps generate energy, which in turn helps make a great show. 

I booked a two room suite in a nice hotel that had a fantastic swimming pool and a hot tub and an exercise room. I kind of wish we had a few more shows in the area because we all really enjoyed the routine of going down in the morning for a great Continental breakfast, a turn through the exercise room, and then some laps in the pool. Erica convinced me we would burn our breakfast off if we managed to either do laps or at least tread water for 30 minutes without ever touching the bottom. 

Love the restaurant's name!
photo by Erica
Anyway, I don't have any fantastic recipes to share today, but I really wanted to share this photo of a restaurant that was near the venue in Lewes. I think the address was actually Rehoboth Beach. We saw the sign and thought about going there to eat, but we had food back at the hotel in the fridge and decided to save money, although I'm thinking we should have stopped just for the experience of eating their Hot Rooster Balls, Feast of Balls, Granny Dick's Cheese Plate, Hush Them Puppy Balls or, best of all, Crabby's Balls with a shot of Seaman Sauce. But I did pull into their parking lot so Erica could jump out of the car and take a picture. Wonder if their food is as interesting as the names. Maybe we'll be invited back next year. If so, we'll have to stop here for dinner after the show. 

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